Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Readers Beware - Personal Opinion Peice


Workcover Victims Victoria has been operating since 2008 and 
fighting Worksafe Vic since 1999.

We have experience in making changes to the Vic legislation 
which has provided more protections for injured workers during 
the investigation mode of a workplace injury. 

We have also developed a guide for our injured workers so 
they are fully informed of their rights to compensation and 
rehabilitation. We are at present attempting to obtain a gov 
grant for its publication so we may provide our readers with 
it completely free of charge and as Workcover Victims Victoria 
has always been a free service to our readers we will always 
remain just that.. free!

We were also deeply involved with the Hanks Report submissions 
working side by side with a  prominent Melbourne law firm and
we fully supported changes in the ACA that would restore workers
full rights to claiming Workcover payments and compensations and 
we are very proud of what we have already accomplished but we
also know we have a lot further to go.

Recently a new blog has been developed called aworkcovervictimsdiary 
and up until today I thought we were working for the same things 
but that now doesn't seem to be the case. 

It seems they find us to be some sort of competition and they 
have become abusive and we don't know why or what it is they 
think they are accusing us of because we certainly have had very 
little to do with them since their commencement and up to date 
they certainly havent provided injured workers with any formal 
changes as WCV's has so they are not even competing on the 
same playing field although they obviously think that they are.

It also seems that even only after a matter of months in 
operation they have also managed to find themselves being 
sued for defamation by allianz insurances and are now abusing 
fellow workplace injury victims and bloggers as well so it really 
shows them for who they are and what their not!

Over the last few weeks WCV's has suspected that they have 
been also making negative comments on this blog too specifically 
in an attempt to undermine it which has been to no avail, but as 
they have now made definite threats against this blog which 
I find totally unacceptable, unethical and unprofessional I will 
be boycotting them permanently considering we were working 
towards the same outcome which is a better life for injured 
workers of Australia or at least some of us were.

Therefore this blog will have no contact or interact with that 
blog in any way shape or form and we would also suggest to 
our readers to be careful if dealing with them in the future 
and check all info they are providing as we have already had 
a few concerns about their interpretation of some very simple 

aworkcovervictimsdiary is reckless and inexperienced in blogging 
and they have accomplished nothing for injured workers within 
the ACA or OHS Legislation nor made any attempt too since their commencement and in their operating time of about 8 months 
they have already found themselves involved in a defamation 
case with insurers whom I would say have a lot more funds to 
obtain a conviction against them than aworkcovervictimsdiary 
does funds to fight them, so let the fight begin! 

We here a WCV's do fully understand how hard it is for injured 
workers and their families during the course of a workcover claim 
and we do need other bloggers who are willing to make changes 
to this insipid act but we do not need those that choose to abuse 
others and act negatively towards them when in actual fact they 
should be asking to work with them not against them.

This sort of inexperience is reckless and does nothing to help 
those its supposed to have been created for.

So after deliberating deeply we have decided we will not be 
providing any links or stories published by aworkcovervictimsdiary 
and we will be notifying the appropriate agencies and law firms
of this outcome.

All we can do is to battle on and hope that all of our hard work 
will one day pay off so we can have a Workcover system that is 
fair to both workers and employers but until then blogs like 
Workcover Victims Victoria will be here for those folk that need 
us to help them fight one of the biggest battles of their lives.

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